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About Us

The main concept of the company's "Professional Services" is to provide quality service, based on the reactive actions of our professionals, which allows to achive the highest quality of service with a minimum amount spent by the customer to material resources.

Reactive action-this is a standard set of services, including a reception and meeting customer requests for repair or replacement of defective components, modules or pieces of equipment, supply of spare parts and the repair and testing equipment amended.
Reactive actions are performed at the request on the basis of “Call-Repair-Payment".


  • Repair of refrigeration equipment
  • Repair of air-conditioning systems
  • Renovation of ventilation systems
  • Repair of technical equipment
  • Maintenance of refrigeration equipment
  • Maintenance of air-conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of ventilation systems
  • Installation of refrigeration equipment
  • Installation of air conditioning systems
  • Installation of ventilation systems

Departure of the specialis takes part at any time you like.

Conception, sooner or later we have to face problems associated with the failure of technology or refrigeration equipment, which responsible for the safety of the food. Our main task is to remedy the problem and prevent the damage of the refrigeration equipment.


The phenomena associated with the failure of the refrigeration and technical equipment imply huge financial losses. Our experts quickly and promptly repair restaurant and kitchen refrigeration technological equipments.

  • we pay attention to every client
  • the presence of up to 90% of spare parts in stock
  • we work seven days a week
  • we are ready to go to bid for any time convenient for you
  • customer service performs application optimally quickly and in time
  • we understand all the technical features of the refrigeration equipment

Our aim is that client reminded satisfied and continued farther cooperating.

If you have any specific questions, our expert will answer all your questions, including on the issue of operating instructions manual refrigeration, diagnosis, cost, maintenance, rules of use.